Are You Covid Compliant?

We at Little Dolphin Images are totally Covid Compliant and only partnered with Swim Schools who are also Covid Compliant. As each swim school and swimming pool has a different design we have listed each of our partners protocols on the Covid 19 page.

How does the shoot work?

It's designed to be as similar as possible to your usual lesson – a trained baby handler will act as teacher, and you will have a maximum of five babies or children in the water at one time.

Do I need to get in the water with my child?

Yes! Every child must be accompanied by at least one adult who must be in the water with the child for the duration of the shoot. You are welcome to bring your other half too to pose for a shot.

Pricing explained - Booking fee, subsequent digital images, then buying prints and other extras

Booking Fee - In the first instance you pay a £45 booking fee which goes to the parent swim school. This is non refundable, however I can give you a re shoot voucher for another date if baby is ill on shoot day (as long as you email us to tell us).

Subsequent Digital Images - (I spend up to 30 minutes on each individual image perfecting it and trying to turn it into a work of art for you). After you have your shoot and only if you like the images you have an opportunity to buy your digital images. The prices for your digital images are published on the 'Book your Shoot" page where you booked your shoot in the first place. Note there is a small London and out of London price difference. 

Buying Prints and other extras - Once you have bought your digital images which have been worked up to perfection by me (see above) you are then free to buy prints and other extras at the same time when you check out. You can also return to the check out page at a later date to buy extras at a later time if you wish.

Do I get a second chance to shoot for free if I didn't get the shot I had hoped for ?
The answer to this question is in two parts. We feel that with the two terms of swimming lessons we strongly recommend to all mums and dads for their babies (to build up the babies swimming skills). Combined with the 'tailored to suit' image packages, where we can offer you as few as one image or indeed no images if things don't go quite to plan. We think we are dramatically reducing your risk of not getting the perfect shot and therefore unfortunately don't offer the 'second chance to shoot again for free option', Im afraid, sorry.

How much do my images cost if I have more than one child booked on a shoot?

Well you still pay the per image price which you can find on the 'Book your shoot page', just input the shoot venue can find the price list for the digital.

What do I get for my money?

We aim to get you one perfect shot on the day. If you like the images of your baby or child you can build your own personal image gallery. You can choose how many images you want to buy. From as little as 1 up to as many as you want, 'you decide'.
We of course aim to get you more than one perfect shot, honestly speaking if you get between 4-8 per shots this is an excellent result, considering the complexity involved with shooting underwater, and more than 8 is 'happy days'.

Image Sizes.

Each image is supplied in two handy formats:
1) Large - Jpegs (compressed files) about 14.8 MB when closed for storage but expands to approx 50 MB at 300 dpi when open. Good enough for the biggest enlargements you can imagine.
2) Small - Jpegs (compressed files) about 2.5 MB when closed for storage but expands to a handy 8 MB at 300 dpi for your 8x12" print enlargements and emails to family and friends.
Zac's camera will shoot about 3-5 frames per submersion so this greatly increases the number of great images and with between 3-5 submersions in your half hour, this should give you loads of images.

The colours of my images look a bit strange on my computer

Zac works on each an every image on a professional 24 inch Eizo monitor calibrated under strict low light conditions every seven days. This achieves industry standard perfect colour correction using Colour Navigator 6 software and a Gretag Macbeth Eye One Colourimeter for the techies amongst you.

Why isn't there an option to order prints only?

Mostly this is because what you are buying is 'a hand finished piece of art' worked hard on by me from the shooting stage through to the post production stage. Therefore the proofs you will see at the proof stage are only the halfway stage for the imagery. In truth this is where a lot of the hard work starts. It would therefore be uneconomical to sell (for example) one print for a few pounds due to the R & D and hard work which goes into every image and sent out to each customer.

Also we hear from our customers that they prefer digital images so they can be used for screensavers, emails, prints, posters, canvasses – the list is endless! We supply each of your images in a range of formats and sizes so you can use them as widely as possible.

Can I be included in the shot?

Yes! We encourage parents to have shots taken, this will happen at the end of your session. But please be aware babies and children pose naturally and effortlessly, it may not be the same for all 'grown ups'.

How long do my images take to be delivered?

Well from the moment you place your order it takes three weeks to be delivered to you. Either by We Transfer or DVD, whichever is your preferred method of delivery.

Can my other child have a quick dip in the pool for a sibling shot for the same price as one child?

We love the idea, but practically it just doesn't work. We need to be fair to all the parents in the session who have paid to attend, and the 30 minutes is designed to get the maximum number of images per baby or child.
Also we now offer the option to buy as few as one image so 'a quick sibling dip' would not work for us I'm afraid.

Dressing up.

You can also dress your baby or child in a variety of amazing costumes we supply poolside. See the baby gallery page of the website for ideas…

Can I book my elder child in separately then?

Yes, you can. You need to book them their own slot (with an adult to accompany them).

If you want extra images over your 10.

No problem at all. Each image over 10 is charged at £14.00 each. The payment system adds this on automatically as you select over 10 images. 

What if my child is ill?

Just let us know as soon as possible before the shoot starts and we will send you a voucher to book onto the next shoot free of charge.

We can't send you a voucher or give you a re shoot if you book on and don't arrive for your shoot and / or don't tell us until after your shoot. I'm sure you will understand.

After the shoot - Private image viewing gallery

Three working days after the photo shoot simply visit the Little Dolphin Images site again and log onto the 'customer login' page entering your email address and personal password which you created earlier. 

Only you can see the images from your session. There is a personal private proof gallery for each mum or dad. No one else can see images of your baby, child or children.

Can I book my baby or child on if I am not attending the host swim school?

Yes you can, only we insist that your baby or child has attended one or preferably two terms of six weeks with a reputable swim school in your area. This is needed to build up the strength and stamina needed to get the best results from the photo shoot. In essence your baby will need the ability to do a minimum of 3-4, 2 second free submersions in 30 minutes.

Price questions.

Underwater photoshoots are not cheap to set up and run, but Zac is one of the best in the business with crucially the best equipment money can buy (regularly maintained and updated). Both experience and top of the range kit is a crucial factor in the success of underwater photo shoots. Something generally the competition doesn't have.

We are happy to say that we are highly regulated and have a wealth of experience from Zac's underwater career to date. Only the non-refundable booking fee is non-refundable, as it covers the pool and baby handler costs. All in all we believe the price is worth it for that 'one time opportunity' to capture that special image at that crucial time in your baby or child's life.

Are the shots guaranteed?

The process of shooting babies and children underwater is not a scientific one, and can be susceptible to the mood of your child on the day. However through experience, the best photographic equipment, lighting and the best professional baby handler available we can maximise your chances of success. Finally you are under no obligation to buy the personal image gallery. However, we hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of the imagery, taken at this special point in your child's life.

I didn't receive any emails or images - Spam Filters

A small percentage of customers images when we send them to you end up stopped by spam filters. To be sure of receiving emails from us, please ensure you add our email address to your contacts and if possible to your email account whitelist.

Any questions we haven't covered?

Please email
We look forward to meeting you and your little dolphin soon.

Zac and the team at LDI