How to download your digital files

This is super easy.

After you have chosen and paid for your personal image gallery from your photo shoot Zac prepares the images and can send them to you by email via We Transfer if you choose. If you do it works like this:

1. You receive an email telling you there are files to download. Click the link to open the download web page, (the black download button).

The files will be available to download for 1 month, but don't worry if you miss that month deadline let us know and we can send them to you after the month is up.

2. On the website you will see an arrow and the words 'we're ready'. Click the download button to download your images to your computer. You can if you like choose where the images will be saved using the settings for your browser.

Typically files are saved in places like the desktop or an internet downloads folder. You decide.

3. Wait a short time whilst your images are downloaded. How long you need to wait will depend on the speed of your internet connection. However this will be a lot quicker than a DVD of images sent by mail and £ 20 cheaper too.

If you are using an iPad

If you are using an iPad to download your images WeTransfer recommend using a good unzipping app called WinZip 
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