Baby talk

One of our happy babies' mothers said we should add something from parents and others who've had their babies photographed by us. After all, our business grew because of people talking to their friends about us. And your recommendations are worth far more than anything else we can say about ourselves. 

"I am just about to order our DVD but wanted to email you back and say how much we enjoyed our photoshoot. My daughter was photographed 3 years ago by Zac and now my son.  it was a lovely experience for us as a family and Zac was really good." 
Mrs C, Crowborough, May 2013   

"What superb results Zac achieved. Brilliant!"
Mrs B, Lewes, July 2013

"We had a great time at the shoot so thanks again!"
Mrs P, Wandsworth, June 2013

"Yes, we loved the images that we received from our shoot together last year. They also made a lot of grandparents very happy as well! The hardest thing about the whole shoot was having to choose only 10 shots of Georgia to put into our order. The negotiations that took place in our house would've put world leaders to shame."
Mr Monaghan, South East London, January 2014

"So happy with the pics I have seen, some crackers!"
Mrs L, Lewes May 2013
"Thank you once again for the photos. We all had a great time at the photo shoot and the photos are lovely" 
Mr Lara, Hassocks, January 2014

"I am thrilled you want to use the photos as everyone who has seen them said they were wonderful. She had such a great time and the quality of your photography was second to none. I give my permission 100%" 
Mrs Jarvis, Tooting, London, January 2014

"It's a lovely photo, you have done an amazing job, thank you" 
Mrs Ward, Surrey, January 2014

"Thanks Zac, really looking forward to seeing them. We thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and I am recommending it to all my mummy friends" 
Mrs B, Wandsworth, London, October 2014

"Dear Zac, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your time at our underwater shoot on Saturday 25th October. It was such a pleasure to meet you and was such a memorable experience. I am so glad we chose you to take our underwater photos. I can't stop looking at them - thank you for taking the time with us to get the variations we wanted. Also I just wanted to let you know we had another shoot with another company the following day and it was poles apart from the experience and photos with you".
Mrs G, Barons Court, London, October 2014

"Thank you Zac, I have had a quick look and the photos are amazing. You have done a fab job with my daughters pics I'm so pleased we decided to come and have photos taken. Thank you again".
Mrs L, Whitley Bay, Newcastle, April 2015

"Hi Zac, the shoot was great fun thanks, now the only problem is choosing which photos to order. Thanks for your guidance during the shoot, you certainly know your stuff".
 Mrs Dixon, Whitley Bay, Newcastle, April 2015

" Hi Zac I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful pictures you sent this morning, they are so special to us. These pictures are absolutely perfect. The grandparents are so thrilled and can't wait to have framed pictures up as soon as possible!!. Thanks again, we're delighted with the results". 
Mrs M, Newcastle, April 2015

" Hi Zac, these images are fantastic - thank you very much ! Kind regards ".
Mrs M, London, July 2015

" Hi Zac - just to say that the images & print have arrived safely & look great." Thank you !"
Mrs Roddis, East Sussex, July 2015

"Hi Zac thanks for the DVD and great pics😊 amazing job,well done 👍"
Miss Henrieta Stencikova, London October 2015

" Hi Zac, thank you so much for these - they are fantastic! Such a lovely thing to have done with Sophia. We are thrilled and the rest of our family will be too when they get their Christmas presents this year. :)"
Mrs H from Newcastle, October 2015

"Hey Zac, just got the photos you took of Sophie……I am speechless, they are INCREDIBLE. Thank you so so so much". 
Mrs Mathews from Guildford, November 2015

"Hi Zac, We love the images and the boys still talk about their lovely experience".
Mrs K, from Wimbledon, January 2016

"Zac - Thank you so much for a fantastic photo shoot on Saturday, the photos of our daughter are stunning and we really struggled to narrow them down to just 10! The whole experience has been great - the shoot itself was well organised, you provided great ideas and props for some fun images, the baby handler was very experienced and judged our daughters mood well, and even got a sneak preview whilst still in the water!. I can't wait for the final images to arrive, there will be one very happy grandma on Mothers Day :-)".
Mrs S from Wimbledon, March 2016

"Hi Zac, thank you very much! think this is the best one of all;-) Good job on those pictures. You captured real happiness not just my son ;-) have a nice week. Katarina".
Mrs H from Morden, March 2016

"Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and for sorting it out so quickly, much appreciated. They really all look fantastic!"
Mrs M from Surrey, April 2016

"As we mentioned at the photo shoot, we had looked online for underwater baby photos and were very impressed by Zac's work. We travelled from Birmingham to Wimbledon for a photo shoot. Our two boys were really relaxed throughout and the pictures more than met our expectations. Thank you!"
Mr Day from Birmingham April 2016

"Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and for sorting it out so quickly, much appreciated. They really all look fantastic!"
Mrs M from Surrey, April 2016

"As we mentioned at the photo shoot, we had looked online for underwater baby photos and were very impressed by Zac's work. We travelled from Birmingham to Wimbledon for a photo shoot. Our two boys were really relaxed throughout and the pictures more than met our expectations. Thank you!"
Mr Day from Birmingham April 2016

"I saw an underwater photo of a baby over 12 years ago printed large hanging in a bathroom. I remember thinking if I ever have a baby and I'm in London, I'm going to do that. Well I did and made sure that I took Lucy to a swimming class that offered that. Just loving my rather large framed print of Lucy (6 months) swimming under water. Hanging proud in the bathroom. A big thank you to Zac Macaulay from Little Dolphin Images for this awesome shot."
Martha Grieve from London April 2016

" I have just viewed my daughters photos from Sunday 5th June and they are absolutely amazing. I feel so emotional looking at them as they are just so good! Thank you so much!
I also have to add how fantastic the whole experience was - you and Phillippa made us feel so welcome and comfortable. The whole set up was lovely and relaxed and the outfits/dressing up made it just that bit extra special.
My husband and I really can't speak any more highly of you, we have been truly blown away and never stopped talking about the shoot for the last few days!
Being able to show family and friends the photos today was the icing on the cake - everyone loves them. We just have the difficult task now of choosing which ones to purchase!! But of course will enjoy looking at the images over and over again.
Once again thank you so much.
Mrs Johnson from Newcastle, June 2016

"We received Sophie's prints today and they are beautiful. Thank you so much! The large ones are now framed and ready to put up in the bathroom! Once again, thank you for such a lovely experience and amazing memories"."Zac 
Mrs J from Newcastle, June 2016

"Thanks so much for these-they're brilliant! Many thanks".
Mrs F from Wimbledon November 2016

" Thank you so much, Zac, they are brilliant! Great work, you have indeed done magic to some fun shots to start with".
Mrs C from Chiswick, November 2016

"Hiya Zac-just got the prints through today. They're lovely and will make fab Christmas presents!"
Helen B from Brighton December 2016

"The Photos are fantastic, thank you so much. Merry Christmas".
 Mrs A from Kent, December 2016

" Thank you for Sunday's shoot! - I can't stop looking at the images, and have ordered my faves. Myself and Steve are super impressed with the whole experience. I am pregnant with our second child and he's already on the Squidgers waiting list, so I can't wait to do another shoot when you are back!"
Mrs H from Newcastle February 2017

I loved the attention pic
"I loved all the attention!"

" Hi Zac, I wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely photos of Sophie - they look absolutely amazing!, best wishes Emma".
Mrs R from London March 2017

"Good morning Zac, just received your print. It is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for your great job. Kind regards Helen".
Mrs S from Brighton March 2017

" Ahhhh this is Alan's favourite too ðŸ˜Š we are loving the images, thank you so much"
Mrs G from Horsham - Facebook March 2017 Mrs T from Newcastle April 2017

"Thank you so much for your time and attention. We had a wonderful time and the images are beautiful. Thank you".
Mrs T from Newcastle April 2017
" I just wanted to say that I thought you and the lovely lady helping you were amazing. You are clearly very passionate about what you do, which is amazing to see and the lady assisting had a great report with the children and the parents. I bought the session for my husband for fathers day and he said he loved it. I am so excited about seeing the pictures, thank you so much"."Thank you Zac :) Im very amazed how you manage to get all of these beautiful pictures with our "little models". I think we got all our ideal pictures :) Have a lovely day K"
Mrs M from Wimbledon, June 2017

"Thank you Zac :) Im very amazed how you manage to get all of these beautiful pictures with our "little models". I think we got all our ideal pictures :) Have a lovely day K"
Mrs K from Chiswick, June 2017

"Thank you so much - it was a wonderful experience and we are delighted with the photographs!. You were calm and patient with the babies (and parents!) and made the session fun too!"
Mrs S, from Battersea, June 2017
" Hi Zac, its is such a lovely photo which you skilfully took and worked on, we love the Nirvana cover and have had many compliments on the image!"
Mrs P from Surrey February 2018

"Zac, this isnt fair    we love them all    lol. We'll chose our favourites over the weekend and send them accross. Many thanks for your time and appologies for ours. Best regards Mr S"
Mr S from central London May 2108

"Hi Zac Thank you for getting these done so quickly they are beautiful. Thank you!"
Mrs R from Brighton, June 2018

"Hi Zac Got them! They look amazing - we couldnt be happier with them! Thanks so much"
Mrs M from Chiswick June 2018

" Thank you so much for these Zac. We really love them! Best Wishes H"
Mrs M from Kent, July 2018

"Hi Zac, Thanks so much, we downloaded the photos and absolutely love them! Best S"
Mrs K from Surrey, July 2018

"Thank you so much for all these photos, we are so happy with them all. We have quite a few already chosen and there is literally loads to choose from. Thank you for being so magical and getting the kids to do stunts underwater. Sunday was so positive and heaps of fun!!!!"
Mrs H from London, October 2018

"Thanks Zac, Brilliant, these images are great!"
Mr M from London, June 2019

"Hi Zac We've received and downloaded the pictures. They are brilliant! Thank you very much"
Mrs F from Brighton, July 2019

"Thank you Zac - we love it!!
Mrs M from London, July 2019
"Hi Zac, all received. Thank you so much. I love them" ðŸ˜
 Mrs B from Surrey, November 2019

"Thank you so much Zac for the fabulous pictures of my boys! They are amazing - I absolutely love them. I am so grateful to you for your honest advice regarding touch ups, your quick communication, and your patience".
Mrs S from Newcastle, November 2019

"Hi Zac, thank you so much, they're brilliant, we love them! It was great meeting you. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas too" !
Mrs C from West Sussex, November 2019

"We absolutely love the underwater photos we got from our session with Zac, but I really wanted to highlight how impressed we were with his customer service throughout our journey to get the pictures. The booking process was smooth, but then I had several extra queries (changing day due to illness, then changing time etc) that he responded to and acted upon instantly, which was really helpful. The photo session was great, we had a lot of fun and loved that Zac provided a huge variety of costumes that we could put on the baby for the picture.
Mrs H from London, December 2019  

"We had also brought our own costumes and props and Zac went the extra mile to incorporate all these in the pictures. He really made me feel like nothing was too much trouble and made it a great experience throughout. Thanks very much"!
Mrs H from Brighton, December 2019

"All received and looks FAB - thank you so much"!
Mrs W from London, October 2021

"Thanks so much Zac, they are beautiful!. Also got a chance to check out your Zac Macaulay Films website, some of the other underwater stuff you do is so cool! Have a great weekend".
Mrs T from London, October 2021

"The pictures are superb and even more importantly it was a fantastic bonding opportunity with my daughter - We loved it !!!
All the best Andrea W from London, October 2021

"Hi Zac. Thanks for the photos! They are amazing, so so happy with how they turned out".
Mrs F from Surrey, October 2021

"We absolutely loved the shoot and the photos are gorgeous, thank you"
 Mrs R from Brighton, November 2021

"Hi Zac, really happy with the photos, thank you very much. Hope you have a great Christmas too".
Mrs F from Wimbledon, November 2021

"Hi Zac thank you so much, the pictures are lovely! The whole shoot was really special, we loved it. Cant wait to share the pics with Thomas's family! Have a wonderful Christmas".
Mrs H from Brighton, November 2021

"Thank you so much. I love the images, they are brilliant! Thank you again and happy Christmas".
Mrs C from Wimbledon, December 2021

"Hi Zac, thank you so much! the images are LOVELY!!!!!"
Mrs K from Wimbledon, January 2022

"Zac these are incredible! Thank you so much. Cant wait to see the prints too. Will wait to get the frames but thank you for the links too. Exciting stuff!"
Mrs B from London, May 2022

"Thanks Zac, they're fantastic!, best wishes"
Ms U from Brighton, June 2022

"Hi Zac, many thanks for these lovely photos as always. Kind regards"
Mrs P from Brighton, June 2022