Book your shoot

You can dip your toe in the water right now, all you need pay is the cost of your swim-and-shoot session (£45.00 per child).

Does your child qualify?

Your baby or child should have attended one but preferably two terms of six weeks with your swim school. This is needed to build up the skills, strength and stamina needed to get best results from the photo shoot. In essence your baby will need the ability to do a minimum of 4, 2 second free submersions in 30 minutes. Aqua nappies are needed too please, under the swimsuit.

Pool and poolside safety

We always put safety first. So any child coming to the shoot - whether to be photographed or a spectator - must have an accompanying adult. And each child being photographed must be accompanied by an adult in a swimming costume, ready to get wet!

Waiting List

If the shoot you are interested in is full, you can email Little Dolphin Images at - and we can place you on a waiting list for that shoot.

Please specify the following:

1) Name, babies name, email
2) Mobile phone details (important!) so I can quickly contact you.
3) Shoot Date
4) Shoot Venue
5) Shoot preferred time (although the times available will generally be the ones that are vacated by mums at the last minute who cannot make the shoot day), about 5-10% of all bookings are cancelled at the last minute due to baby not feeling well.

The waiting list is on a first come, first served basis and the final registers are usually formed up / available the afternoon before the shoot day.

To book, select your preferred date and venue…
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